I am a pianist of 15 years, playing since just over 5 years ago, and I play viola and compose. My favourite music is from the Romantic era, with recent composer interests being Alkan and Liszt, while Cziffra remains my favourite pianist. Also interested in finance, but that isn’t relevant to the name of this website, sadly.

I started out on keyboard with group lessons then moved to real piano after 1/2 year – 1 year or so. It all went very well until I eventually had, after doing my Grade 8 two years ago, what you might call an injury, though I would just call it too much tension. For about a year I tried to find helpful help to no avail, however I then found an Alexander Technique teacher/pianist who specialises in applying AT directly to piano playing. From then on, with many lessons, I have been learning a newfound freedom that I have never had – otherwise I wouldn’t have got ‘injured’.

This website is for posting whatever topic comes to mind in the broad field of music, creating my own little corner on the internet.