I am a pianist of 15 years old, having started around 6 years ago, and I play viola and greatly enjoy composing. My favourite music is from the Romantic era, for example music by Alkan and Liszt, while Cziffra remains my favourite pianist. Finance-related topics interest me as well.

I started out on keyboard with group lessons before moving to an upright soon. It all went very well until I eventually had an injury after doing my Grade 8 two years ago, born out of too much tension. For about a year I tried to find the right help to no avail, until I then found an Alexander Technique teacher/pianist who specialises in applying AT directly to piano playing. From then on, with many lessons, I have been learning a newfound freedom of playing.

This website is for posting whatever topic comes to mind in the broad field of music, where you will hopefully learn something useful.