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How to improve your inner response in playing piano for less tension

Learn to develop your inner attitude and your entire approach towards playing piano for freedom and ease of playing If you are tense while playing piano, or any other instrument, it’s your internal attitude that is partly to blame. And so it’s your job to change it for the better. To begin with, let’s start […]

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How to memorise music away from the piano

Learn to effectively analyse and memorise your piano pieces for secure memory and a better performance Something that I have found to be a good development for me as a musician is exactly what the title reads; reading, analysing and memorising scores without touching the piano. Last year, when starting tuition under one of my […]

Playing piano without tension Practising piano

Wrong assumptions about playing piano (and what you should think instead)

Three common ways of thinking about playing piano that prevent sustainable practice and performance 1st: That you need stamina and endurance. I get the image that many people, mostly less developed at playing the piano, think of pieces such as the Liszt Hungarian Rhapsodies No. 2 and 6 as requiring great stamina and endurance to […]

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Practise piano well like an emperor without silly, hindering reactions

Learn to use the powers of the mind more effectively in your music practise Today, while sitting outside on the grass with bare feet and bare lower legs, I was trying to imagine that they are not a part of my body. The reason for this is that there were some small insects scuttering around […]

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Slipping out of good habits – my thoughts

I sometimes have simply bad practice sessions. These are usually the times when there is no structure to my practice, I’m not even practising (but rather playing through other pieces that I find fun), and I am tense while playing. Needless to say, I do not feel satisfied after these sessions. Though I do, every […]

Interesting ideas

My mental imagery created from Parry’s 5th Symphony

About a year ago during the lockdown of 2020, I did something I had never tried before. I listened to a piece of music while lying in bed and creating a story of imaginations in my head that flowed from my mind in relation to the music. The piece was Hubert Parry’s 5th Symphony “Fantasia”, […]

Learning pieces

My experiences learning Alkan’s Symphony (1st Mov) – A Blog

I started learning the 1st movement ‘Allegro’ from Alkan’s Symphony for Solo Piano last summer because I had been obsessed with his music for a long time and really wanted to learn one of his pieces. This piece seemed a good start because it was definitely a decent challenge for me, but equally wasn’t too […]

Playing piano without tension

How to play chords freely

A guide in finding freedom playing chords at the piano In my 3-part article on my story with tension at the piano and how I got rid of it, I wrote a lot about freedom and how I learnt to play everything freely with the teaching of Nelly Ben-Or, particularly so in the 2nd and […]

Reviewing lesser-known pieces

Thoughts on a 6-hand set of variations for piano by Czerny

I’ve enjoyed listening to some of Carl Czerny’s serious works for a good while now, and while this piece isn’t one of his strictly ‘serious’ pieces, it’s a great load of fun with plenty of creativity. Variations Brilliantes sur un Theme de Bellini, Op. 297 This piece is a set of variations for 6-hands at […]

Random thoughts

Scouring for sheet music far and wide in junk shops

Sheet music addicts, like I used to be (and still have tendencies towards), often have an insatiable need to forever grow their library. This is where junk shops, antique or whatever else you want to call them, can come in very handy to fulfil this need. After wandering in and out of many of these […]