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My mental imagery created from Parry’s 5th Symphony

About a year ago during the lockdown of 2020, I did something I had never tried before. I listened to a piece of music while lying in bed and creating a story of imaginations in my head that flowed from my mind in relation to the music. The piece was Hubert Parry’s 5th Symphony “Fantasia”, composed in 1912, which I found to be full of very rich, dense and dark textures.

The intense atmospheres drew reactions in my mind as follows: (which I wrote down right after imagining)

I entered a dark, foreboding forest, with leaves as black as squid ink. Suddenly I felt a great need to stab one of those leaves, so I pulled out a dagger and struck it through the centre. The colour of the leaf then started shifting; from black, to purple and finally to a shade of blue in between light and dark blue. I decided to impale the leaf one more time, and as I did so, it burst into a cloud of raindrops which fell as big, bulging drops, but once they had reached the forest floor they stayed on the surface as flat circles. In an impulsion I stamped on one of those blue drops with my black leather shoe; however, it exploded out into a massive white spider web which engulfed and knocked me to the floor, where I then rolled down a slope with a humungous black spider waiting at the foot of the slope. There was nothing I could do, so I was snatched up by it. But as I reached the middle of the inside of the spider, I seemed to be too much for it, and it broke apart in two which then formed a black, thin skin rather like the skin of custard, and fell down upon me to wrap around myself as a posh, black waistcoat, with matching clothing items so that I was dressed like a Regency gentleman with a walking stick.

In an earlier part of this imagination:

I wanted to reach some distant high-up mountain tops in the clouds, so I jumped to the top of an oak tree and then hopped upon a cloud. However, this cloud was a grumpy, bespectacled cloud which promptly shook itself to knock me off. I tumbled down the 6-or-so-metres-height to a ground of lush green grass, which still nevertheless hurt! To escape this absurdity, I got up and walked along the grass, which curled as a wall up and over, so that I was soon standing upside down and defying Netwon’s Law of Gravity.

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