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Rehoming abandoned sheet music

Recently I rehomed an abandoned sheet music book that had been lying around on a shelf for ages – an old Henle Urtext edition of some Schubert piano pieces. It was clearly lonely and wanting a new master, so I performed the honours and took care of it.

On a more serious chord, I was lucky to find that. It feels like its been loved for a long time, like it has history. Anyway, here’s a lovely table of the advantages of old/used versus new sheet music:

Old/Used – A lot cheaper (especially when dealing with Henle Urtext)
– Don’t need to worry about the book and the corners getting folded and worn (especially helpful if you have OCD!)
– Often has fingerings and other markings from past owners written in, which can be helpful
New – Delicious, crisp, clean pages without worn corners etc.

You can see that I’ve given old/used sheet music more advantages than new – I used to always want new books and still do most of the time, but if you can wait some time to reconsider, you could save a little money and your OCD from firing up (if you have it).

If, for whatever reason, you fancy purchasing this book of Schubert’s Impromptus and Moments Musicaux in the Henle Urtext edition, then here’s a convenient link* to it.

*This is an affiliate link, meaning I will earn a small commission if you purchase through it.

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